Roger Palmenberg

These selected images are from a collection of platinum-palladium and copper plate photogravures.

Roger Palmenberg resides in Arizona and is an educator and photographer. His handmade prints are unique – using time-honored archival printing processes. He works to create enlarged negatives for contact printing. The final prints are each individually produced by hand application of a sensitized platinum, palladium, and gold mix to watercolor paper then carefully exposing the print under UV light.

Roger produces hand pulled copper plate photogravures. The chemically-etched copper plate negative, a work of art in itself, is able to produce numerous prints on a variety of cold-pressed watercolor paper on hand-operated presses. Ink selection is made to complement the image and to reveal subtle details not otherwise visible with other printing methods. The expressive print is the result of a sequence of creative processes that begins with the subject and its in-camera composition and carries through to its final presentation.