Crossroads: Western Dreams 

by Holly Roberts

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 9, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artist will be available for conversation.

Closing Reception: Thursday, November 30, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Artists Statement:

For the past several years I have been experimenting with different ways of making my images, but always with paint and photography as the driving forces.  My photographic imagery is widely varied, all the way from specific portraits of people or animals to photos of rocks, leaves, or even dead moths—material I can use to build textures and surfaces.  I have also begun to work with transfers, something I have taught for years but never really integrated into my own work. I am seduced by the magic of taking something and making it live as something else.  And, most recently, I have gone back to working with oil paints, something I gave up 13 years ago in favor of acrylics.

What has resulted is a wide variety of images, still with my own view of the world at their core.  Animals, people, and people as animals are my most constant themes.  Portraits of men and women have become a larger part of what I do.  Horses, dogs, and birds are the animals I use predominantly since those are the animals I feel most connected to.  If I can find any one theme that runs through my work, it would be a subtle kind of loneliness or feeling of separateness, at times mixed with odd humor.


October 5- 28, 2017

Southern Exposure: Flora and Fauna

by Kelley E. Foy and Novie Trump

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 5, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Both artists will be available for conversation.

Closing Reception: Thursday, October 26, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Artists Statement:

Opening on October 5, Tilt Gallery presents “Southern Exposure,” a two-person exhibition of ceramic works by designer Kelley E. Foy and installation artist Novie Trump. Throughout their lives both artists, currently based in the Southwest, have been influenced by living in the southern states. The contrast of the Southwest and the New South, places and experiences shared by both artists, spurred the Southern Exposure collaboration.

Kelley E. Foy is a maker and master craftsman. After more than 20 years as a furniture designer revealing the possibilities of handcrafted wood and steel, she has made her way back to her origins in clay. In the spaces between, she has explored the food culture phenomena from the inside out as the owner and operator of two acclaimed restaurants. All the while, she has been blending and building on her clay, wood, and steel explorations. Foy’s work is influenced by the cultures of her home in the Southwest and, more recently, her steep in the deeply rooted craft culture of the New South in Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee. Her work has been featured in Phoenix Home and Garden, Arizona Foothills Magazine, Phoenix Magazine, Arizona Highways and Sunset. Foy hand builds and throws functional pieces that are beautiful and accessible — “Something you can actually hold in your hand and use everyday,” she explains. She earned her BFA in Ceramics from Arizona State University.

Novie Trump is an Arizona based sculptor and installation artist working in ceramic, mixed media and sound. Formally trained in classical archaeology at the University of North Carolina, her work has been selected for juried and invitational exhibitions in the US and Europe and has been featured in numerous publications. Winner of the Fairfax Strauss Fellowship, she has been awarded numerous grants and commissions for public art works, most notably at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC. In 2013, Trump was selected as a Fulbright Candidate by the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars. Formerly the Executive Director of Lee Arts Center in Arlington, VA, she currently curates exhibitions and juries for arts organizations throughout the US. Trump has served on the boards of several arts organizations, most recently as the Chair of the Distinguished Artist Series on the James Renwick Alliance Board, a non-profit support organization for the Smithsonian Renwick Museum. She is also an educator who teaches workshops in ceramics and professional development. Trump is the founder and director of Flux Studios, a contemporary arts space formerly of Washington, DC and currently based in Jerome, AZ.

In this cross collaboration of culture and art both artists explore the vibrant life within the South and Southwest. Foy creates functional porcelain interpretations of the flora and patterns of the two regions utilizing the process of image transfer. Trump creates deftly observed site specific installations of sculptural insects and fauna. Bringing the strong Southern tradition of storytelling to clay, Foy and Trump take on the nuance of texture, tone and surface. For Foy, Southern Exposure is as much about cross-cultural translation as it is about coming home. For Trump, it’s further mining of the lush verdancy of the South and the vast landscapes of her new desert abode.


September 7- 28, 2017

What Comes Around

by Ron Bimrose


Out on a Whim

by Rodgell

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 7, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Both artists will be available for conversation.

Closing Reception: Thursday, September 28, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Ron Bimrose’s Artist Statement:

Making art or making pictures has been a strong impulse from a very early age. Making art is a way to respond to life and to feel alive. There are ideas and real world issues that interest me and become, quite naturally, a part of my work. But for me the real motivation is the joy of making images.

Click here to see the exhibit.

Rodgell’s Exhibition Statement:

“He looks everywhere for junk and discarded items to find the lost pieces of this colorful world of his and makes it real for us. Rodgell sees what is misplaced, discarded, useless, but not valueless. Somewhere between endless imagination and light his pieces come to us full of beauty and joy and become a part of our everyday life like they were before their reformation. What you have thrown away will come back to you. If art is a language, this one is honest, fun and whimsical!”

Click here to see the exhibit.


July 6-  August 26, 2017

Infinite Possibility II: Imagination & Creation 

Annual international juried show, open to all mediums.

Artist Reception: Thursday, July 13, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Some of the artists will be available for conversation.

Closing Reception: Thursday, August 24, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Juror: Lisa Volpe, Associate Curator of Photography at Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH)

List of participating artists:

Aline Mare, Andy Mattern, Betsy Feick (First Place Winner), Christopher Gulick, Hakyoung Kim, Jane Szabo (Honorable Mention), Katie Kalkstein, Julie and Kristen Gautier-Downes (Honorable Mention), Michal Greenboim, Randi Ganulin (Second Place Winner), Robert Dash, Sandra Klein (Honorable Mention), Sean Hottois.

                                                                        Juror Statement

“We live in an age of mixed-media.

In a time in which a smart phone stands ready in every pocket or bag, there is no longer a division between digital and physical spaces. Music can be accessed and played anywhere. Images are created and shared with the push of a few buttons. Divisions have been erased. High and low culture are consistently blended. Each moment is ripe with infinite possibilities. In this spirit, today’s artists have moved both conceptually and physically beyond the narrow confines of traditional media or genres, drawing from and mixing together an endless variety of available material.

It was not surprising, therefore, to see an overwhelming amount of collage and mixed-media art submitted for this exhibition. Whether glued, constructed, montaged, mixed, or appropriated, the wide variety of material and media utilized to create the works on display is a testament to the prominence of collage in our contemporary context.

Collage first emerged as an artist approach in the 20th century. The Cubist experiments of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque audaciously mixed elements of high and low culture to break down traditional artistic ideologies. Notably, critic and poet Guillaume Apollinaire declared that this artistic approach was “steeped in humanity.” In other words, it engaged directly with contemporary objects and contemporary thought. Followed quickly by the assemblages of Marcel Duchamp, and the appropriation of Pop Artists, all cultural material was fair game in the creation of art by mid-century. “Collage is the twentieth century’s greatest innovation,” noted famed artist Robert Motherwell.

The presence of collage has only increased in the 21st century. Today, the endlessly multiplying and expanding terrain of the internet has broadened this artistic horizon.  Online, collage is the primary means of communication.  A collection of social media posts—words, photographs, links, reposts and retweets—is widely recognized as a statement of who you are. Your online presence is a carefully curated and collaged self-portrait. Fragmentation, fracture, sampling, appropriation, and layering are all fundamental concepts that define both the field of collage and digital media. As viewers have become fluent in the language of collage, artists have pushed the approach further. “To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist,” noted writer Samuel Beckett.

The thirteen artists featured in this exhibition have embraced the form of collage and mixed media in order to embrace the mess of contemporary society and to express a variety of viewpoints. Collage is a medium that by definition incorporates fragments and deals with opposing tensions, broken images, hidden desires, and collective myths. Layering imagery, cultural commentary, and a wide variety of materials, the works of art on display explore themes of ancestry, nature, consumerism, and memory.  Collage is more relevant today than ever, not only as a rich formal language, but also as a mode of perception. The innumerable combinations of material offer infinite possibility, bound only by an artist’s imagination.”

Lisa Volpe, Associate Curator of Photography at MFAH

Robert Dash, Rock Comb Red Algae, 2016, Photography

Robert Dash, Rock Comb Red Algae, 2016, Photography

 Click here to see the exhibit.


May 11-  June 30, 2017

Highlights of the Year

by variety of represented and guest artists

Artist Reception: Thursday, May 11, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Some of the artists will be available for conversation.

List of participating artists (alphabetically):

Rachel Brace-Stille, Ron BimroseErnie Button, Melissa M. Button, Casebeer, RedWulf DancingBare, Sean Deckert, Jill Enfield, Joy Goldkind, Sandra Klein, Jim Morris, Rodgell, Jennifer Schlesinger, France Scully Osterman, Aline Smithson, Anna Strickland, and Jeff Zaruba.


Aline Smithson, Orange Bells (From Recreating History Series), 2005, Hand painted silver gelatin print.


 April 6- 29, 2017

Actual Real Factual (Period…)

Completely Revised and Updated Edition

by Casebeer

Artist Reception: Thursday, April 6, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artists will be available for conversation.

Artists’ Statement 

“The supplemental, illustrated, scientific, unretouched and anatomically correct volume of information from The How and Why (and WTF?) Library designed to help you meet the Orwellian challenges of navigating in a cacophony of alternative facts, advertising, propaganda, dissonance and ballyhoo.”

Casebeer, Actual Real Factual (Period), 2017, Mixed-media

Selected photographs from the “Queens of Carnaval” series will be on view at Tilt Gallery from April 20 to May 6, 2017. RedWulf DancingBare will be available for conversation on Thursday, April 20, from 7 to 9 pm.

Artist Statement

“I made my home from 1987 to 1999 in the photographer’s paradise of Province town, Massachusetts. I came out there and found myself healthy and happy. I made amazingly deep and long lasting friendships there. I also created art, cooked, performed union ceremonies for a large LGBT community, and did a great deal of healing work there. It was there that I went through the great AIDS devastation of the late 80’s and early 90’s losing many clients and friends. These photos shot on 100 speed Kodak with a Pentax ME Super are a testament to the indomitable spirit of that community. The colors, the textures, the emotions, and the heart worn in this celebration of our love, our honor, and our freedom exuded from everyone and everywhere. We had survived Reagan, Aids, the death of Princess Diana, and life was rich. There was an ecstasy in that moment.”    Ralph Victor Greco AKA RedWulf DancingBare


RedWulf DancingBare, Untitled, Taken 1987/1999


March 2- 31, 2017

Grand Views, Intimate Spaces: The Grand Canyon

by Mike Buchheit and Rachel Brace-Stille

Artist Reception: Thursday, March 30, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artists will be available for conversation.

Artists’ Statement 

The 100th anniversary of Grand Canyon National Park will take place in 2019, and in anticipation of this milestone, photographers Mike Buchheit and Rachel Brace-Stille have created an exhibit designed to convey both the grandeur and the subtlety of the world’s most famous chasm.

Bringing a combined 50 years of studying the canyon through the viewfinder, Mike and Rachel have selected images which tell the story of a truly iconic landscape. One that resonates in the minds and memories of millions of people who have either visited the canyon, or dream of doing so.

Organized loosely around the four seasons, subject matter will range from sweeping vistas to intimate vignettes. A conscious interplay with scale will leave the viewer with an appreciation for the canyon as an exquisite whole, made possible by the sum of its parts.

Mike’s metal prints and Rachel’s gelatin silver abrasion toned prints allow the canyon’s signature color and detail to radiate from every piece. The vantages range from rim to river, and the images are derived from both film and digital captures.

Mike has been living and working in Grand Canyon National Park for over two decades. As both an educator and landscape photographer, he has spent his personal and professional life delving into the mysteries of the canyon, and sharing what he has uncovered with others.

Rachel saw her first sunset at Hopi Point in 1991. Since then she has made numerous journeys from her home in Phoenix to be still, and to take in the luminosity and smell the scent of nature. From pinhole to large format, she has forged her photographic connection using a variety of cameras and techniques to capture traces of the canyon.

With this exhibit, the artist’s intent is to share their deep reverence for the magnificent landscape that has served as a tether for their longstanding friendship and artistic collaboration. Their sincere hope is that the stories they share through their selection of images will underscore the need to preserve and protect the Grand Canyon, and all of the natural places that have the ability to sustain and inspire humankind.


Mike Buchheit, O’Neill butte Rainbow

Rachel Brace-Stille, Untitled

Rachel Brace-Stille, Untitled


February 2- 25, 2017

Self & Others: Portraits as Autobiography

by Aline Smithson

Artist Reception: Thursday, February 23, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artist will be available for conversation

We are pleased to exhibit works by Shootapalooza in conjunction with Aline Smithson’s solo show. Shootapalooza will present  5″ x 5″ images (Metal Prints floated on the wall) in a 5ft x 6ft grid format like a large mosaic.

THEME: What is Nature? – the essential character of our physical universe – What are the qualities inherent in living or non-living objects on land, in the sky, and waters that allow an artist to see and sense more clearly a deeper meaning of the subject within it? What is nature if not a means of greater awareness through our five senses and our responses to them? This theme is not so much about the content of an experience of what, when and where, but of the quality of the experience that carries a deeper perception. What is it about the mountains or rivers that enliven our spirit? How is it that exposure to weather and natural phenomenon, closely observed, elicits a sixth sense, a primordial relationship or unexpected memories?

Some of the artists will be available for conversation on Thursday, February 23, from 7 to 9 pm.


Aline Smithson, Pink Feathers

January 5- 28, 2017

Photography Re-Imagined VI: Visual Storytelling

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 5, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Closing reception: Thursday, January 26, 2017, 7 – 9 pm during Scottsdale’s Gold Palette ArtWalk, “Local Edge

Some of the artists will be available for conversation

Tilt Gallery’s 6th annual “Photography Re-Imagined: Visual Storytelling” juried show- features 25 art pieces, which have been selected by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Cig Harvey, out of 400 entries. Read Harvey’s biography here.

 reimaginedfrnt17 reimaginedbck17

December 1- 31, 2016

Who’s in the House 

Opening Reception: Thursday, December 1, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Some of the artists will be available for conversation

Tilt Gallery will be showcasing a variety of work by the represented artists as well as works of the First and Second Place winners of the 2016 international competitions.

Winner of Photography Re-imagined: The Artist’s Hand

Sandra Klein

Winners of Infinite Possibility:

Christine Cassano and Elizabeth Odiorne

Casebeer, As far as Reality Goes, 2016, Mixed-media