Meredith McKinney

Meredith McKinney works in Zone Plate Chromogenic Prints, which are printed on Hahnemuhle William Turner paper. All of the prints are limited editions.These images start as 4×5 inch negatives from a pinhole camera. This is historically a very early photographic technique in which a pin hole (or in this case a more modern version, a zone plate) through a thin opaque membrane is used to focus the light instead of using a camera lens. This creates a negative with markedly different properties than we are accustomed to with a standard camera. From this serendipitous starting point the negative is scanned and usually the image itself seems to dictate what direction color, contrast and composition changes should go. Reality is not his objective and usually wandering in that direction moves away from the fun and magic that is inherent in this process

Meredith McKinney lives in Tallahassee, Florida.