Joy Goldkind

Joy Goldkind is one of the top leading artists working in the bromoil process today. In her work, Goldkind has worked extensively with dancers from various dance companies in order to create portraits of their movements and gestures. Her series, “Adagio” is about the movement of the body in light and space. The film captures the figure in time so that the viewer sees more of the motion of the dancer. These images serve as an exploration into the rituals of dance and music. The spirit of the person is given importance over the mechanics of the portrait itself, focusing on capturing a moment in time, light and space.

A bromoil print is a silver gelatin bromide print that has been bleached to remove the silver. The image is then inked with greasy pigment such as lithographic ink to replace the silver. She uses this process because it enhances the softness and adds mystery to the images taking it a step away from reality. The images from her work are at times created and inspired from a fantasy world to have an other-worldly quality.