Diana Bloomfield

Diana Bloomfield’s dreamlike pinhole images are uniquely printed and hand-coated using the processes of cyanotype over platinum palladium prints, silver hand tinted infrared prints and platinum palladium prints. The use of long exposures and unique perspectives play with time and space in unusual ways, offering a fluidity not often found in still photography. The resulting images create an engaging sense of timelessness

Diana Bloomfield is an educator of photography. She has taught at Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies, as well as at the NC State University Crafts Center, as well as at various workshops throughout North Carolina. Diana also works as an independent curator and has organized and curated several pinhole and alternative process exhibitions, including “Pure Light: Southern Pinhole Photography,” shown at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA), in Winston-Salem, NC. Her images have been published in several magazines and journals including The Pinhole Journal, The Post Factory Journal, Chinese Photography, The Sun, Diffusion, the North Carolina Literary Review, and SXSE (South x Southeast).