Brad Armstrong

“Oral Obsession” is a photographic collection of chew toys in various states of destruction by K-9’s. The project is an inquisitive look into shape and form. All prints are unique, 8 x 10 Silver Chloride, AZO Contact Print.

Many of the objects included in this body of work were created by Armstrong’s own family pets, Java and Cody. There were submissions by friends and one was found in a neighborhood park.

“Oral Obsession” an attempt on Armstrong’s part to understand and document the insatiable chewing of his dog Java on his favorite toys. Java, a 5 year-old hyperactive German Shorthair Pointer, had an unrelenting obsession for dropping wet things in his lap.

Sadly, Java who created: Biopsy of love, Yin, Yang, Oh My, and Tossed Bottle died of oral cancer in the prime of his life. In a bizarre way this project is a memorial to his obsession.

Brad resides in Phoenix Arizona. Working for many years as a photojournalist, Brad frequently would return to his early introduction to photography by reading, viewing and learning of the early photographic works of the 20th century. He learned to appreciate the incredible sharpness, with rich blacks, and subtle, creamy tonality that only large format photographs can give.