Barbara Burton

Barbara Burton’s bird prints are meant to depict the mundane chores, people, and conundrums often overlooked. On a trip to Ireland, Burton discovered the prevalence of crows in the area. Observing the crows’ uninhibited behavior, she noticed a sense of playfulness in their interactions. It was then that she chose to utilize the hooded crow as metaphorical subject matter for illustrating the “snapshots” she created. The process used for this work involves transferring an original drawing to a plate. The resulting prints are unique, hand pulled, intaglios.

Barbara Burton’s study of art has been life long. Originally from Pennsylvania, she moved to Arizona almost thirty years ago. She obtained a degree in mechanical engineering and worked in aerospace for time, but then moved on to teaching and art. She has been giving workshops and exhibiting for the past fifteen years. Barbara has studied and taken workshops in painting and printmaking under Phil Starke, Darlene Swaim, Julia Ayers, and Michael Vigil. She is particularly interested in low and non-toxic practices in both printmaking and painting and studied at the College of Santa Fe Printmaking Center and Penland School of Crafts. She currently lives and work in Arizona.