February 1 – 24, 2018

As We Wait by Andrea Modica

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 1, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk.

Essay by Larry Fink about Modica’s work

Andrea Modica works with sensual love as her base but aligned with a darkness which is pervasive, so much so that it can color your dreams. The work is not hopeless but breathless, as if there is an atmospheric gauze placed over the larynx so that breathing has to be softened, done in silence so that walking the tight rope between an exalted life and a sultry death you shan’t emit too loud a sound. The balance is so tentative, so tactile, so absolutely fragile that there is the danger of tipping the scales of mortality in clear sight.

We enter the work through an illusionary visage of two men sitting on the edge of a steaming tub. A rectangular pool, one is naked the other in a sports coat. One is looking haltingly into the future the other waiting ominously within the present. They set the scenario for the dark theater which is to come; a vascular pulse generates throughout the work, which sure-footedly explores the aspects of life which have no surety at all. It is perhaps this soft pulse which separates this work from art. So many of the compositions are artful and exquisitely divined, but art is not the point here. Art, in its tendency for commoditized promiscuity, will not dwell easily on the edge of heat and possible demise. Nothing is disappearing here; it is in your face but without being frontal, it lays back and allows you to be seduced by meanings which are not to be understood.

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Closed on Sunday by Jim Morris

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Jim Morris, Argentina, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Barrier, 2017, Chromogenic print

Escape Plan

Jim Morris, Escape Plan, 2017, Chromogenic print

Beverly Hills

Jim Morris, Beverly Hills, 2017, Chromogenic print

Closed on Sundays

Jim Morris, Closed on Sunday, 2017, Chromogenic print

Fault Line

Jim Morris, Fault Line, 2017, Chromogenic print

Forbidden City

Jim Morris, Forbidden City, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Hacienda, 2017, Chromogenic print

Historic Old New Castle

Jim Morris, Historic Old New Castle, 2017, Chromogenic print

Noon in Beijing

Jim Morris, Noon in Beijing, 2017, Chromogenic print

Pyramid of the Moon

Jim Morris, Pyramid of the Moon, 2017, Chromogenic print

Soggy Day in Fiji

Jim Morris, Soggy Day in Fiji, 2017, Chromogenic print

Time and Again

Jim Morris, Time and Again, 2017, Chromogenic print

The Farmer's Market

Jim Morris, The Farmer’s Market, 2017, Chromogenic print

Sunny Day in Shanghai

Jim Morris, Sunny Day in Shanghai, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Annecy, 2017, Chromogenic print

Call of the Wild

Jim Morris, Call of the Wild, 2017, Chromogenic print

More Available Photographs:
Above Waialea Bay

Jim Morris, Above Waialea Bay, 2017, Chromogenic print

Along the Queen's Highway

Jim Morris, Along the Queen’s Highway, 2017, Chromogenic print

Dusk in Little Cayman

Jim Morris, Dusk in Little Cayman, 2017, Chromogenic print

Fence with Trees

Jim Morris, Fence with Trees, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Frightened, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Frontage, 2017, Chromogenic print

Le Festival De Cannes

Jim Morris, Le Festival De Cannes, 2017, Chromogenic print


Jim Morris, Markers, 2017, Chromogenic print