February 2- 25, 2017

Self & Others: Portraits as Autobiography

by Aline Smithson

Artist Reception: Thursday, February 23, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artist will be available for conversation

We are pleased to exhibit works by Shootapalooza in conjunction with Aline Smithson’s solo show. Shootapalooza will present  5″ x 5″ images (Metal Prints floated on the wall) in a 5ft x 6ft grid format like a large mosaic.

THEME: What is Nature? – the essential character of our physical universe – What are the qualities inherent in living or non-living objects on land, in the sky, and waters that allow an artist to see and sense more clearly a deeper meaning of the subject within it? What is nature if not a means of greater awareness through our five senses and our responses to them? This theme is not so much about the content of an experience of what, when and where, but of the quality of the experience that carries a deeper perception. What is it about the mountains or rivers that enliven our spirit? How is it that exposure to weather and natural phenomenon, closely observed, elicits a sixth sense, a primordial relationship or unexpected memories?

Some of the artists will be available for conversation on Thursday, February 23, from 7 to 9 pm.


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Self & Others: Portrait as Autobiography by Aline Smithson

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