Saturday – Sunday, November 6 & 7, 2010 from 10:00 – 5:00pm

Infrared Workshop, Seeing the World Differently
Instructors: Elizabeth Opalenik and Susan Bloom

“Working with infrared images has always been one of our favorite ways of seeing the world.”

During this two day, weekend workshop, try your hand at infrared photography (either film or converted digital cameras). By the end of the weekend much of the mystery of infrared will be solved as you start to “see” as the camera sees.

Infrared is not only beautiful for dreamy, surreal images in the landscape but is seductive in portraiture, figure and still life photography. We’ll start by looking at our infrared portfolio, discussing the best camera conversions, spend half the day (on each day) making images with natural and tungsten light, and learn about post processing.

Beginners are welcome as you discover if this may be a new voice for you. We have a few converted cameras that students may use. If you are still shooting infrared film, that is welcome also.

Please let us know in advance which method you will be using ( film or digital).
Cost: $175 (plus $20 material fee)*
Note: Class limited to 10 students
You can registar (pdf or Word doc) and print out the form to be mailed.
Non-refundable deposit required of $75

November 5 – December 18, 2010

“Four Visions in a Different Light”

Four fine art photographers have joined forces for a traveling show of infrared photography. This traveling exhibition features the work of: Theresa Aiery, Susan R. Bloom, Jill Enfield and Elizabeth Opalenik.

  • Opening Reception: Friday, November 5, 6-9pm
  • Infrared Workshop, Seeing the World Differently: Sat-Sun, Nov.6 & 7, 10-5pm
  • Third Friday Art Walk Reception: Friday, November 19, 6-9pm
  • First Friday: December 3, 6-9pm
  • Third Friday Art Walk: December 17, 6-9pm

Each artist has worked with infrared imagery for over twenty years. Images in the show are both film-based and digital. The artwork in this show shows the versatility of the medium and how unique each artist’s interpretation can be. Work included in this show ranges from landscapes to figure studies to multi-layered photographic collages.

This exhibit allows us to see something that our human eye cannot observe. Infrared light-waves are beyond the visible spectrum. This invisible radiation is found at both ends of the invisible spectrum. Beyond visible violet, there is invisible ultraviolet and at the other end, beyond visible red, is invisible infrared. As the infrared spectrum extends beyond the end of the visible spectrum, wavelengths increase and infrared then merges into what are called heat waves. We cannot see infrared light waves… but infrared film and special converted digital cameras can.

The appeal of infrared photography is varied. The images that you capture with infrared are dramatic and surreal. A landscape becomes dream-like. Portraits and nudes take on an ethereal beauty: skin becomes translucent and resembles porcelain. The skies and clouds are dramatically pronounced, the vegetation glows, and there is an other-worldly, ephemeral essence to the work. Suddenly the world as we know it, shows up in print form looking strangely bizarre or wonderfully romantic. This is the mystery and magic of infrared. It carries you beyond the literal perspective of your eyes into the limitless vision of your mind’s eye. These four photographers approach the medium from different viewpoints, showing the range of possibilities inherent in the medium.

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