Southern Exposure: Flora and Fauna by Kelley E. Foy and Novie Trump

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Trump_Flutter with CocoonsJPG Trump_Flutter Detail

Novie trump, Flutter with Cocoons, 2017, Porcelain, Acrylic Rods

Trump Map of Night Swallow 4              

Novie Trump, Map of the Night Swallows, 2015, Porcelain, Acrylic, Steel, Light fixture

Trump_In the Darkest Hour 1 Trump_In the Darkest Hour 2

Novie Trump, In the Darkest Hour, 2017, Porcelain, Acrylic Rods, Steel Thread, Typically: 72 x 72 x 8 in.Trump_02 Trump_04 Trump_03

Novie Trump, From left to right: The Stillness that Must Part, Here is the Deepest Secret, Through the Sky , ceramic, glass, wood



Novie Trump, Secrets I, ceramic

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moonshine bloom

Kelley E. Foy, Moonshine bloom, Thrown porcelain and stoneware, 8×16 in. (SOLD)

elongated jug

Kelley E. Foy, Elongated Jug, Thrown porcelain and stoneware, 9×7 in. (SOLD)

trail brushed

Kelley E. Foy, Trail Brushed, Thrown stoneware, 6×20 in.

agave series

Kelley E. Foy, Agave vessels, Thrown porcelain, 6×9 & 4.5x 5.5 in.


Kelley E. Foy, Elongated jog & Box turtle, Thrown porcelain and stoneware, 7×17 and 7x 8.5  in. (SOLD)

monocot series

Kelley E. Foy, Monocot series , Thrown stoneware, 3x3x3.5 in. (Some sold)

  Shegal Credenza (tall)          

Kelley E. Foy, Shegal Credenza ,Solid Wood Hand Carved Custom Finish Steel Woven Door Panels, 18 D x50 W x29 H in.



Kelley E. Foy, Thrown stoneware, 6×18 in.

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