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He looks everywhere for junk and discarded items to find the lost pieces of this colorful world of his and makes it real for us.  Rodgell sees what is misplaced, discarded, useless, but not valueless. Somewhere between endless imagination and light his pieces come to us full of beauty and joy to become a part of our everyday life like they were before there reformation. What you have thrown away will come back to you. If art is a language, this one is honest, fun and whimsical!

*anonymous critic

“Fortunately, over the forty year art career, the pieces I make have been chosen for many shows, and have been the subject of news print and magazine publications. I traveled to Greece twice and lived there for fourteen months. working and living on the Mediterranean Sea was most rewarding. The beautiful remains of ancient cultures and the color of the sea., the clearness of the light, all are things you never forget and hopefully show in my work.”

Rodgell was born and raised in Kentucky. He graduated from the Louisville School of  Art earning a Bachelor of Art in painting and sculpture. He moved to Arizona to attend Collins College earning an Associate of Art in Graphic Design. Then, he attended Northern Arizona University and earned a Master of Art in Art Education. Rodgell has taught at Collins College and at The Art Institute, and he has been the director of the Graphic Design Department at the Art Institute