March 2019

Tilt Gallery is hosting Reneè Caccamese for a special workshop on meditation. Gain a deeper connection of spirit, mind, and body through this guided meditation workshop.


About Reneé

Meditation isn’t just a hobby for Reneè Caccamese. It’s a way of life. At 12 years old, she was introduced to the practice by her mother. She learned to quiet her mind so that she could develop a deeper and more meaningful connection with the self that existed at her very core. From the very beginning, Reneè found that meditation provided a sense of calm and peace that enriched her life—and allowed her to be her best self for others.


Through her meditation workshops and coaching, Reneè teaches her students that they have the answers to any challenge within themselves—and that these answers have always been there. It’s simply a matter of learning to pay attention to them. She also helps students come to the powerful realization that there’s no need to look to anyone or anything else to find what’s needed—including love. It all exists at the center of a person’s being.


In addition to being a meditation teacher and trainer, Reneè is a 30-year veteran in the field of social work. She also serves as a life coach and is a certified substance abuse counselor.