Christine Weller

Margin of Error

Our first relationship is with our mothers. It is the foundation of all subsequent relationships throughout our lives. Chris Weller’s photography explores her own complex relationship using some of her late mother’s worldly possessions. She brings to light a personal narrative that is at times humorous and more often disturbing. She recreates stills with these objects, uncovering the secrets and memories from the past. She slowly removes the layers of dust to reveal her first and most intimate relationship.

Christine Weller has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography from Arizona State University. Her work is collected nationally and for more than a decade she has shown work in various juried shows throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. You can see her work in various publications including Prescott College’s art and literature magazine, Alligator Juniper and Scottsdale Community College’s Vortex. Beyond her dedication to photography she also expresses herself through mixed media and ceramics.