Crossroads: Western Dreams 

by Holly Roberts

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 9, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

The artist will be available for conversation.

Closing Reception: Thursday, November 30, 7-9pm, during Scottsdale’s ArtWalk

Artists Statement:

For the past several years I have been experimenting with different ways of making my images, but always with paint and photography as the driving forces.  My photographic imagery is widely varied, all the way from specific portraits of people or animals to photos of rocks, leaves, or even dead moths—material I can use to build textures and surfaces.  I have also begun to work with transfers, something I have taught for years but never really integrated into my own work. I am seduced by the magic of taking something and making it live as something else.  And, most recently, I have gone back to working with oil paints, something I gave up 13 years ago in favor of acrylics.

What has resulted is a wide variety of images, still with my own view of the world at their core.  Animals, people, and people as animals are my most constant themes.  Portraits of men and women have become a larger part of what I do.  Horses, dogs, and birds are the animals I use predominantly since those are the animals I feel most connected to.  If I can find any one theme that runs through my work, it would be a subtle kind of loneliness or feeling of separateness, at times mixed with odd humor.